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Clinton Muhammad
Leading sports massage therapist in Pleasanton, CA

You shouldn't have to go through multiple chiropractors, doctors, and medical companies only to get lackluster results. After all those visits, you should be healed already.

You deserve to move freely without pain. Say no to restrictions and say yes to the rest of your life. Take the right step with an experienced sports therapist. Get expert massage therapy and physical therapy treatment to get you moving again!

Restore your body so you can bike with your family, go golfing in your free time, and finally have pain free movement. Whether you have sciatica, neck, back, or shoulder pain, your body can heal.

Residing in Pleasanton CA, Clinton Muhammad serves San Ramon, Livermore, Danville, San Jose, and the Bay Area. Care for your health today!

What Makes Clinton Different

Clinton Muhammad stretching a patient's calf in Pleasanton

40+ Years of Experience

You know you're in good hands

Get help from someone with years of experience working on various injuries. Whether you have neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, or knee pain, know you’re in capable hands that soothe your tensions.

Clintons years of experience provide you with expert techniques including accupressure, active release therapy, propioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and muscle energy techniques. His holistic approach is a safe surgery alternative to get you to pain free movement. With his extensive history and skill he’s established himself as the best massage in Pleasanton CA.

Therapy Built On Care

Target the source of your pain

Clintons primary goal is to use all of his knowledge to help you. He prides his business on building professional relationships so that you receive the best possible care.

Clients love to refer their families and loved ones to him because his work speaks for itself. Know that you’re more than a dollar amount. You’re a valued friend that’s in expert care. Regardless of whether you have back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or sciatica, Clinton Muhammad makes sure you feel better and improve your health.

Clinton Muhammad massaging a client
Clinton Muhammad massaging a patient's leg in Pleasanton

Injury Recovery and Prevention

Expert knowledge you keep with you

Get healing during your session, and guidance to prevent your injury from happening again. Receive professional advice on strengthening your injury so it never reappears. His massage and physical therapy will make you stronger and functional.

Gone are the days of being a benchwarmer. Clinton assists your injury so you can get back into action. Now you can run, jump, and work your way back to the physical lifestyle you deserve. Get back in excellent shape by getting with the top massage therapist in Pleasanton CA.

Sports Bodywork

Specializing in athletes

Get sport specific therapies that make you a better athlete than before. Clinton’s stretch therapy techniques improve your physical performance and ability in running, swimming, golfing, volleyball, and more.

With a background of being a body building champion and personal trainer, he can provide you athletic guidance and healing. His sport massages are catered specifically for athletes like you. No matter the injury, you’ll have extensive care and with an expert massage therapist.

Clinton Muhammad stretching a patient's hip in Pleasanton

Text: +1 (510) 459-0981
Email: [email protected]

What Clients Say

Over a year ago, I was referred to Clinton, owner of [formerly] The Finish Line , because of knee pain. I am now pain free! He is so knowledgeable, and truly a miracle worker. A couple of months ago, my husband hurt his back and couldn't move. He came to Clinton and is now a regular client too. We come to get our body work with Clinton because we want to stay active, avoid injury, and be pain-free. Last month my daughters 13 & 15 yr old, who play volleyball and water polo became his clients too! Thank you Clinton for fixing our family, we love you!
Alma A.
Clinton is also pure magic with his ART work. He painstakingly works the body like a truly skilled master ART professional. I haven't met anyone that can do what he does. He does some amazing work on his patients - many come in unable to stand and hunched over and leave pain free and totally vertical. (Yes I've referred many in that situation to him and they too were amazed!) As a golfer and pushing 50, my body needs care. Clinton does the job and then some! Whether you are an athlete or not - you will fall in love with Clinton. Don't question what's going on, just let him do his thing. (And don't forget to ask about his amazing automobile passion while he's working you!)
N. M.
This place is such a blessing! I go to Clinton weekly for my scoliosis. He is so amazing. Every time I leave my appointment I feel renewed and pain free which is so important to me as I've suffered from pain since I was 13. He relieves any tension I have. He really works wonders. I've gone to different chiropractors but when I am in pain I go to him and I am instantly healed. He understands different meridians of the body and points in which to help the person. My mother and I are huge fans and pray Clinton never leaves!!! He is such a joy and has helped our health immensely.
Kimberly T.


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5 sessions
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  • Highly recommended

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Meet Your Therapist

Clinton Muhammad, founder of Clinton Massage and Bodywork, is a native of San Francisco and currently resides in Pleasanton, CA. He has specialized in fitness and wellness solutions through his entire 40+ year career.

Early on he developed a passion for bodybuilding and powerlifting, winning numerous titles and records over a 30 year span while managing his personal training practice. Recognizing that his clients in the babyboomer demographic were looking for wellness and longevity solutions rather than traditional physical training services, he undertook to re-invent his business and focus exclusively on mobility, flexibility, corrective posture, and pain relief services.

With the success of this service redirection, and through encouragement of his clients desiring greater convenience, he extended the uniqueness of his service through in-home and in-office delivery of his unique wellness solutions. Formerly known as The Finish Line, Clinton Muhammad rebranded his practice to Clinton Massage and Bodyworks where he heals neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, and more. He also works with many athletes by offering sports massages to help them improve their performance. He provides expert massage therapy and physical therapy to help keep you in top performance.