Clinton Muhammad

Active Release Therapist

The Leading Sports Massage Therapist In Pleasanton and the Bay Area

Clinton Muhammad, founder of Clinton Massage and Bodywork resides in Pleasanton, California. He specializes in fitness and holistic solutions through his entire 40+ year career. He services Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore, Danville, Blackhawk, and the general Bay Area.

His journey in health and wellness began with personal training and bodybuilding. He advanced his knowledge and realized fitness consisted of more than bench curls and squats. Being healthy meant being functional.

Clinton started studying corrective exercise because many imbalances and dysfunctions occur from exercise and daily life. He realized people were going to doctors and receiving surgeries for knee and shoulder problems when they could all be resolved through therapeutic application.

People were having unnecessary surgeries when an alternative therapy was more viable. He became involved in massage therapy to help people resolve their discomfort especially as a holistic and less intrusive alternative. His massage therapy and physical therapy guidance has healed many people in the Pleasanton area.

Clinton Muhammad Smiling

Get Your Body To Good Health

Clinton Muhammad deeply cares about the health and wellbeing of others. He is always searching for ways to be more effective and efficient with clients.

He listens for why people hurt and aims to fix the root of the cause rather than the symptoms. With his personal training background, he offers different methods for you to be proactive with therapy. This provides you a functional approach to your exercise regimen.

He specializes in sports massage, and in neck, shoulder, and back injury for office workers. A lot of pain and injury comes from poor ergonomics, bad posture, and more. These contribute to pain and discomfort. Clinton wants to help heal as many people as he can so they can lead healthy and active lives. He consistently is bettering his massage therapy and physical therapy to help heal you.