Active Release Therapy

Active Release Techniques: A soft tissue method that is non-invasive and relieves tissue tension.

Active Release Technique (ART) treatments work to help strains, sprains and other musculoskeletal disorders. The treatment is designed to restore function and alleviate pain through a movement based technique. 

ART treatments are designed to:

  • restore motion to all soft tissues
  • release trapped nerves, lymphatics, and vasculature
  • re-establish functioning of soft tissues

The clinician uses a hands on therapy to apply pressure to areas of interest. This includes strains, cumulative trauma injuries, lesions, and more. Tension is applied to injured areas while the patient is instructed to move injured part in a way that shortens and lengthens the muscle. Using this technique, the tensions and adhesions release which relieves pain.

Active Release Techniques are especially helpful for:

  • back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • neck pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • joint pain
  • stress and overuse injuries
  • strains
  • foot pain
  • migraines
  • sciatica
  • and more