Active Release Therapy

Clinton Muhammad massaging a patient's leg in Pleasanton

Clinton Muhammad specializes in active release technique, also known as acupressure therapy. His method differs from the usual pin and release. The pin and release isolates the tense muscle and applies pressure.

Clinton uses the pin and stretch, which isolates your muscle’s tension, applies pressure, and creates a resistant stretch on the pinned area. This releases tension in your muscles by actively moving your joints while the muscle’s pinned down.

Active release technique relieves tissue tension by removing adhesions that develop in your tissues from repetitive use. It restores motion to your soft tissues, releases trapped nerves, and improves your muscle function. It’s effective at improving your flexibility and managing your pain.

Clinton Muhammad believes in healing you from the root of the problem. He evaluates your dysfunction and the history of your discomfort. This allows him to determine the root cause of your pain, which will alleviate all the symptoms.

You may suffer from referred pain, or pain that extends from other areas of injury. It’s best to focus on your entire body while keeping in mind where your pain is. For example, you could look at your posture, which may affect tightness in your chest and arms. 

By understanding the connections in your body, it’s easier to manage your pain and help it heal. By honing in and focusing with his massage therapy and physical therapy, he provides a comprehensive and holistic way to heal your body.

Clinton Muhammad massaging a patient's neck in Pleasanton

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